The Toròs winery at Novali near Cormòns, in the heart of the Collio Friulano, was created from a building that over the years had been used for various purposes and had been extended several times.Initially, great-grandfather Edoardo used it as a shed to keep the first ploughs that the Good Lord gave to humanity – cattle! – and it is here that you will be able to taste a glass of Toròs wine when you visit. When the metal ploughs with which we are all more familiar arrived, the cattle-shed was converted into a cellar.

Today, those long-gone times and the labours of earlier generations are commemorated by an old well, from which water can still be drawn.
The final touch was added by Franco. Wanting to create a space for his small oak barrels where the wine could mature safe from temperature fluctuations, he dug his new cellar deep in the Novali hills.

The entire winery nestles in the loving embrace of the estate’s vineyards. Even today, we sometimes ask ourselves whether the rows were planted like that or simply chose to grow where they could keep an eye on how much care and attention we were giving their fruit.
Whatever the case, vineyards and winery form a single integrated unit of about ten hectares nestling in the hill country of the Collio.

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