The Toròs family has always been a large one and the story of its many members should be told by starting from the beginning. We, however, shall make an exception to the rule and start with Franco, the winery’s current owner. It was Franco, a modern wine man who tends his vines with old-fashioned skill, who transformed the Toròs estate and nursed it to its present influential status. A self-effacing grower who enjoys silence and the company of his vines, Franco can usually be found among the rows, tending his beloved plants.

Ask “Where’s Franco?” and you’ll be told: “In the vineyard”. Franco inherited the art of wine and the vineyard from his father Mario who, along with Franco’s uncle Edoardo, taught him to love these hills and craft their wines, drawing on the lore of past generations.But it was Franco’s great-grandfather, also named Edoardo, who in the early twentieth century settled at Novali, in the heart of the Collio Friulano. As soon as he set foot in the area, Edoardo realised its true

 potential and started farming grapes at a time when other families were growing a little of everything. Soon, his wine was discovered by connoisseurs from Austria, Veneto and Friuli. What about all the other names? Well, they belong to the present and future of the Toròs family: Franco’s wife Rosanna, who in traditional fashion is the hub of the family; newer arrivals Eva, Cristina and Erika, Franco’s daughters and the future makers of his wines; and uncle Renato, a superb pork butcher! who is always ready to lend his brother Franco a hand.

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