Why not come to visit? It would be an excellent opportunity to get to know us. Take time to tour our territory, the Collio Friulano, located in the extreme north-east of Italy and straddling both Italy and Slovenia.The seamless succession of hills forms broad slopes with superb exposure to sunlight. Dotted among them are picturesque hamlets steeped in history and local tradition. These are borderlands to be savoured and explored on foot, by bicycle or on horseback.

Growing outstanding grapes is a tradition around here thanks to the favourable site climates with their marvellous breezes, impressive temperature ranges and very special soil, the factors that have made the Collio a byword among wine lovers.To the north, the Julian Pre-Alps protect the rows from cold northerly winds while a short distance to the south, the Adriatic Sea helps to temper the temperature swings. Together, they create the climate of mild winters and fairly cool summers that is essential if the vines are to develop to perfection.

Another positive factor is ponca, the area’s characteristic soil type. Ponca comprises layers of marls and sandstones that have been eroded over the centuries by wind and rain to create an ideal, mineral- and nutrient-rich terrain for viticulture..

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