c o l l i o v i n e y a r d s a n d w i n e s

The Collio

a t e r r i t o r y t o b e d i s c o v e r e d

In the extreme north-east of Italy, in that area of ​​Friuli Venezia Giulia located between the Isonzo river and its right tributary, the Judrio river, which cuts through the lands of nearby Slovenia, there is a hilly area, located between the Julian Alps and the Adriatic Sea, perfect for growing vines. It is the Collio Goriziano, where our winery is based.


t h e c o m p a n y

White Wines

Friulano D.O.C. Collio

Intense straw yellow color, notes of white peach, with a delicate almond scent. Strong and saline on the palate, dry and very persistent. Recommended pairing Appetizers of raw
ham from Cormòns or San Daniele, also excellent as an aperitif.

White Wines

Pinot Bianco D.O.C. Collio

Brilliant straw yellow colour. Scent of bread crust, characteristic warm flavour, structured and of excellent length. Very stylish.

White Wines

Pinot Grigio D.O.C. Collio

Bright straw yellow colour. Olfactory notes rich in white flowers,
scents of pear, candied citrus fruits and dried fruit oils. Soft and balanced, with a strong structure.

White Wines

Chardonnay D.O.C. Collio

Straw yellow color with greenish reflections, fruity
and floral scents. Balanced, with good structure and long persistence.

White Wines

Ribolla Gialla D.O.C. Collio

Pale straw yellow colour. Floral and fruity. Elegant.

White Wines

Sauvignon D.O.C. Collio

Brilliant straw yellow colour. Characteristic bouquet with delicate notes of white peach, elderberry, pepper leaves and aromatic herbs. Structured
and with a long persistence.

Red wines

Merlot D.O.C. Collio

Ruby red colour, characteristic aromas of red fruits, cherries, black cherries and plums, even in jam. Soft, with good balance and structure.

Red wines

Merlot Riserva D.O.C. Collio

Intense ruby ​​red color, full of characteristic aromas of small berries, even in jam, with toasted and vanilla notes.


The Toros winery is located in the locality of Novali in Cormòns, in the heart of the Collio Goriziano,
and is obtained from a structure which over the years has had various uses
and undergone various expansions.

The Toros have always been a large family, with many names attached to it.
Our story should be told from the beginning.

Our Story

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