t h e c o m p a n y

Toros family

o u r s t o r y b e g i n s i n t h e c e l l a r

In the locality of Novali, ten minutes from the center of Cormòns, in the heart of the Collio Goriziano, stands our cellar, obtained from a structure that over the years has had various functions of use and undergone various expansions. Initially, right where you can taste a glass of our wines today, great-grandfather Edoardo had set up a stable for the cattle which at the time played a fundamental role in daily life in the countryside.


Soon, with the introduction of the ploughs, the stable was transformed into a cellar.
Now, as evidence of the agricultural traditions of which we are children and of the efforts of our ancestors, an old well remains from which it is still possible to draw water.
The latest expansion of the cellar, wanted by Franco, gave life to a space reserved for barriques. Dug deep in the hills of Novali, it was created to let the wine rest away from sudden changes in temperature.

between past and present

t h e t r a d i t i o n c o n t i n u e s

Our story

The history of our cellar it's a family story.

the property

1 0 h e c t a r e s o f v i n e y a r d s

The cellar is completely surrounded by our vineyards. Even today we wonder if it was man who wanted it or if it was the vineyards themselves who decided to embrace us in this benevolent embrace, so that we could lovingly take care of their fruits. Whatever the truth, the cellar and vineyards form a single body gently nestled on the Collio hills, which extends for about ten hectares.