o u r s t o r y


a l a r g e f a m i l y

The Toros have always been a large family, with many names attached to it. Our story should be told from the beginning, but this time we will make an exception to the rule starting with Franco, the current owner of the company.
Vintner of today but winemaker of the past, he is the one who has been able to transform the company by taking it by the hand and bringing it to its current reputation. A man with a shy temperament, Franco loves silence and the company of the vineyard, always wandering around the rows to constantly take care of them. To the question "Where is Franco?" the answer will always be the same: “It's in the vineyard!”.

between past and present

h o w i t a l l s t a r t e d

The art of wine and the vineyard was handed down to him by his father Mario who, together with his uncle Edoardo, learned to love these places by perfecting the wines with the know-how of ancient traditions. But it was Franco's great-grandfather, Edoardo, at the beginning of the twentieth century who put down roots in Novali, in the heart of the Gorizia Collio. With foresight, as soon as he arrived in this land, Edoardo was able to understand its true potential and began to work it, making himself known to the connoisseurs of Austria, Veneto and Friuli, at a time when peasant families cultivated a bit of everything.

between past and present

a s t h e s t o r y c o n t i n u e s

There are many names that belong to the present and future of our family: Franco's wife, Rosanna, is its heart; their three daughters, Eva, Cristina and Erika, are the new generation, those who will continue the Toros winemaking tradition, and then there is their uncle Renato, Franco's brother, who is always ready to lend a hand.

o u r s t o r y